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Kazidomi, dé nieuwe online health-shop!

YAY! Er is weer wat nieuws te bespeuren in online health-shop-land (of wat dat ook mag wezen). Zelf word ik steeds immens gelukkig bij het binnenstappen van een bio-planet, Holland & Barrett of andere natuurwinkels, maar helaas pindakaas, aangezien er maar 24 uur in een dag zijn, geraak ik er niet altijd fysiek. Daarom durf ik al wel eens wat te bestellen op online shops als Body&Fit. Maar nu, ja nu, komt het echte nieuws! Als paddenstoel uit de grond gesprongen, stel ik jullie hierbij voor: Kazidomi, dé nieuwe online health shop met meer dan 500 producten, gewoon bij jouw thuis geleverd. Virtuele kus richting Alain en Emna!

Richting wie? Alain en Emna zijn student aan ULB en hebben dit platform opgericht met als doel ‘gezond leven makkelijker en toegankelijker maken, voor iedereen!’. Join the club, dacht ik bij mezelf, daar zet ik me zelf ook al twee jaar voor in! Ook benieuwd wat Kazidomi nu net is, waarin het verschilt van andere webshops, en last but not least, hoe jullie korting kunnen krijgen bij jullie eerste bestelling?! Lees dan verder!


Emna & Alain, de oprichters van Kazidomi! Both taken, I guess!


1. Where did your interest came from to set up a platform like this?

Both of us are passionate about healthy lifestyle and food, Emna was also lactose intolerant and I was really into sport. We were both born and raised in a family where eating healthy was important. We also realized eating healthy is difficult, expensive and not convenient. We wanted to create a platform for people like us, who care about what they eat and think that it should no be reserved to the most privileged people, rather it should be a normal thing. It is so important and it affects so many aspects of your life, your weight, your look, your skin, your mind, and also your impact on the world around you.


2. Do you personally also live healthy?

You guessed it from the previous answer, it’s a big YES.  You won’t be surprised to know that we order a lot on our own website (it also helps to see if everything works fine, and if the process is not right, we adjust it). We try every product, we cook them in plenty of different ways, we want to make sure we know what we sell and it happened already several times that we were not big fans of something and that we decided to find a new supplier to get something better.


3. Tell me more about the offer of your website? What can visitors find at your place, that maybe they couldn’t find anywhere else?

Today, we sell dry food for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. We select every product base don its composition with a board of nutritionists. We refuse to sell anything that cannot be considered healthy. On our website, the most important is what you will NOT find, and it’s preservatives, added sugar, palm oil, and other components that nobody should be eating. Organic food is great, but not always enough and some big producers take advantage of the labels to sell more but their products are considered unhealthy by doctors and dieticians, so we go a step further to guarantee everything is of high quality. We are constantly adding new products based on the feedback we receive (if you find something is missing, tell us and we’ll add it soon !), we want to extend our offer as much as possible. We also privilege some local producers when it possible, like grEAT Granola, it’s a huge success and it’s from Belgium.


4. How will the trends for 2017 look like regarding superfood, supplements and ‘healthy basics’ such as oatmeal, flour, sugar, etc?

The superfoods are really interesting from the nutritive point of view, high in proteins, iron, vitamines and other things our body needs but most people still don’t know them. However, it’s getting cheaper and easier to find and the information is getting out there. People are getting to know them, and it’s great. For the rest, we see that more and more people are getting interested in their health, we hear everyday that we are constantly eating craps, obesity is sky-rocketting, diabetes is higher than ever, etc. All these things slowly affect people’s behaviour. Organic food, healthy restaurants, detox, etc. all this is really growing, people want to be more informed and they want to know better what they eat because they realise the food industry has been playing with our diets for too long and it has consequences. The forecasts for 2017 are very clear, the trend will continue, but we hope people will stay aware and will continue to pay attention to what they eat and that it’s not just a trend.


5. What is your main goal or what are your dreams for the future with this new platform?

We have several goals, I would say the first is to help people eat better and be more conscious about what they eat. Second, we want to have fun as a team, it’s really exciting to be part of this adventure and we want to go forward and see where it will lead us. Finally, we are considering going beyond food one day, and sell something else, where there is also a big impact that can be made (like cosmetics for instance).


Een kijkje in de websop.

Ik heb alvast mijn ogen (en winkelwagen) de kost gegeven! Producten waar ik zelfs nog nooit van had gehoord -excuses hé- of gewoon amper al was tegengekomen: Soria speltpasta met artisjok (bestond dit?), ananas-gember confituur, quick-cook gierst-erwten-linzen en zoveel meer. Kijk dus zeker eens op hun webshop (they’re 100% Belgian! Lokaal, joepie) en bestel de eerste keer mét korting!

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Carnaval, feest, ole, toeters, bellen.. korting voor iedereen!

Wil jij ook graag gezond het nieuwe jaar starten?! Kazidomi en ikzelf geven je alvast een duwtje in de rug! Met de kortingscode CARMEN ontvangen jullie allen (jawel, allen, hey graag gedaan hoor!) 10 euro korting op jullie eerste bestelling! Xoxo en vul die gezonde voorraad kast al maar aan!